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I love the silkiness of the Calendula body butter.
But the Nettle Leaf abstract is Awesome. Relieved by itchiness immediately. I drink 2.5 miter 2-3 daily. This extract is the truth.

Sis K.

Salaams sis, this Dandelion leaf extract is the Truth!!!!

Mrs. Robert

I've been looking for something to help with my severe eczema on my hands and elbows, it was really getting out of control on my hand I started to get cuts on my finger, between my fingers it started to rub raw to the flesh and became more uncomfortable everytime I washed my hands which was frequently. I searched online and in stores for something that will treat the condition not just the itching and wouldn't break the bank. I couldn't find anything natural, I was ready to give up and go to the doctor for the steroid cream they prescribed for eczema, when I found P.A.T.C.H I saw that the dandelion butter treated eczema, I brought it right away, it seemed like it came the next day. I put it to work and in LESS than a week my symptoms started to clear up, the dry patches are smooth, the itching went away and my raw skin started to heal!!!! I'm a TRUE BELIEVER!!! A MUST HAVE in EVERY Home.

Sister Clemons