About Me


My name is Pam Abdul and I am the owner of P.A.T.C.H, Plants are the Creator's Healing.  Watching the health of a brilliant, God fearing and vibrant woman decline due to her health issues with diabetes, hypertension, and neuropathy, I saw my mother's GLOW starting to diminish. It was as though her vibrant life at 78 was leaving her body behind. For 20 years she religiously followed doctors’ orders and consistently took medication with no end to her discomfort and declining health insight.  As I started to watch a similar theme with loved ones around me,  it was then Martin Luther King quote hit me to my core, "Life most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others?"

 After 18 years as a Chemist and a Global Data Steward for Process Excellence and Improvement, for the Coca-Cola Company, I took a layoff package and walked away from my corporate job. On March 31st, 2021 I began my journey to pursue what I believe is my purpose and vision of helping to heal and rebuild lives to live their fullest potential.

P.A.T.C.H personifies the concept that health and beauty should be simple not complex and should contain ingredients grown from mother nature and not in a lab. A native of the beautiful Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago, healing came from the sea, or your garden, not from the store or even the pharmacy (unless it's a critical condition). A mother to four beautiful beings, I have dealt with their issues ranging from eczema, ashy dermatosis, critical dandruff and even my own issues of anemia and thyroid problems.

Several specialists visits and many different forms of medication, I knew the true power of healing had to come from prayers and plants. I had let go of what was not working and embrace what will work.

Utilizing my Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from Emory University, my 18 years of work experience in the Food and Beverage Industry and my current training in Holistic Medicine, I intend to create products using plants' constituents to rejuvenate, revitalized and restore the body mentally, physically, and spiritually.

My mission is simple, support a healthy system by incorporating old traditions with new traditions and make healthy alternatives for a more vibrant lifestyle. Plants are a life-long commitment, it was the building block of modern medicine, so it can and will work with consistency, perseverance and prayers.  

Even though this business was created physically during a pandemic, the concept of health and wellness has always been part of my vision and purpose.  At 43, I have finally taken the steps to walk in my destiny and I thank you all for walking along with me.

The secret ingredient to all healing is prayers, don't forget to pray!!